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Sessions and Services

Senior Swank

I absolutely love photographing seniors! By breaking from the traditional concepts and stereotypes of senior photography, senior portraits become a place where creativity meets fashion. Utilizing the elements of fashion and design, your senior session will be a fun and fresh experience. The most stunning photos, I find, are produced when trying something out of the ordinary.


I often let clients know that for these sessions, they should typically allow up to 2 hours. In order to capture the individuality of each new client I meet, I encourage you to bring as many outfits, pairs of shoes, and fun accessories as you like! This gives us the opportunity to try different things and to get more creative, ultimately capturing the most unique and fashionable portrait of you!


Life Portraits

Capturing all stages of life as a photographer is a remarkable and rewarding experience. Each client offers a fresh story of life – a different perspective from the last. From photographing an expectant mother, to the family of five who has just welcomed another newborn into the family – portraying all aspects of life is an opportunity for timeless and beautiful images. As a portrait photographer, I welcome everyone - including pets - placing high importance on photographing all stages of life.



Some of the most fun, sexy, and fulfilling moments I photograph! Historically, the "boudoir" was part of the private suite of rooms for a lady to bathe and intimate and often private and mysterious place. It's that mysteriousness and intimate beauty that is so beautiful to photograph!

As women today, we tend to see ourselves as flawed...uncapable of living up to the expectancy that media publications would have us believe is desirable - perfection. Somewhere we forgot what and where beauty is. It's in the boudoir sessions I find women at their most vulnerable and yet awe inspiring best! Having a ton of fun, a normal session is anywhere from 1-2 hours with 2-4 outfits. Sessions are typically done in our studio downtown, but I can travel to any location (adhereing to the original idea of a woman's bedroom area). There is an additional traveling fee for locations 20 miles or more outside of the downtown area!



Beautiful and fun portraits aren't only for babies, children, and families! Our Cosmopolitan sessions are exclusive to clients over the age of 21, and absolutely fun! A two hour session catered to men or women as well as couples. Whether it's an Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day gift for a significant other or just a poster sized print of yourself, clients love it! So, book a session, and let loose.


What to Expect

All sessions are taken on location; either at the clients home or any number of indoor or outdoor locations. These locations are decided based on discussion between you and me. Such sessions open up more options for me and my clients. In-home sessions allow my clients to be comfortable and personable, which results in unique and emotion-filled photographs. I find that many clients feel more relaxed in a familiar environment, giving me the opportunity to capture more natural representations of the day. Alternatively, new or unfamiliar locations provide a great deal of creative input, to gain another perspective.


Sessions are typically an hour to two, however, I feel it's important to take as long as needed, when needed. I find it's best for everyone to arrive around 15 minutes early for sessions photographed outside the client's home. This helps eliminate undue stressors for both of us.


Many clients' concerns are what to wear. Truly, I find that a little expression in dress and appearance makes a great portrait and draws out your personality. I normally recommend staying away from anything too busy or too baggy - especially on children and babies. Although I tend to discourage family portraits where everyone is wearing identical outfits, I do find that keeping a color-coordinated theme is a good idea.


Once our session is finished we will schedule a time to review your photographs. This will normally be 7-10 days following your session. During the image review you will see my favorites and choose yours. Because your images are valuable and choosing the right ones are important, our review session may take time.

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