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Behind the Lens

I have always been passionate about photography. I believe a good photograph is a portal, a still, long look into a larger, transient set of experiences. A good image is capable of suspending memories in time and inspiring emotion.

I feel my interest in and understanding of the spectrum of human emotions has proved to be valuable in capturing the most beautiful expressions of life.

It's these illustrated depictions of life that rival the imagination to remind us of those experiences.

Utilizing my background in painting and interior design, I feel I give a holistic approach to photography. The experiences I have gained from these disciplines allow me to artistically integrate light, color, textures and materials into each photograph, in order to create a more complete composition. Over the last eight years working as a professional photographer, I have sharpened my experiences into skills that deliver unique and lively award-winning photographs.

I've never been content with stagnancy; I strive to move forward. I am rooted in the fundamentals of photography with a desire to push the limits in order to achieve the most unique and awe inspiring photograph. I believe it is my responsibility to my clients to perpetually look for new ideas to create the most personalized and valuable experience for each of you.

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